It totally depends on the mood that you are in, when it comes to deciding whether or not to have sex. Right now you are driving along enjoying the drive, and that is definitely not a good reason to have sex. Right? No.

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The best reason to have sex on the mood swings is to add excitement. Right now your mood is simply swinging, so you are obviously into it. And swinging means having sex on the mood. Sex on the mood means having sex when you are ready to have sex, not before. So if your mood swings are more of a wild animal swing to the positive side, then by all means have sex on the mood swing.

But what about when the mood swings take you to a place were you don’t care about the sexual aspect of the act any longer. Then, obviously the whole idea of having sex on the mood swings is lost. Well, that is a sad state of affairs, and something you should avoid. It is better to get your sexual desires redirected back onto the main issue, which should be attraction, or desire.

In this situation, if you are naturally into the swinging motion, then good for you. Keep on living and swinging! But for some people this is just not working. Perhaps they have gotten to a place where the sexual aspect of the act has become all important to them.

So, what happens if you are one of these people? You can try going in the other direction with the sex. I mean, try going from the wild swinging direction to the boring, tame, and normal sex. That is perfectly natural and totally within your power as a person.

It totally depends on your mood swings whether or not you are able to find a balance between the two. If you have a lot of extroverted people in your life, chances are good that you will have difficulty finding balance. But, if you are naturally into the swinging aspect, then you should have no problem. Just learn to manage your moods so that you can have the best of both worlds!

And, this brings us to the third point. It totally depends on your moods and desires on how you are going to approach swinging. If you want to go the swinging direction, then go for it. You are the one who is controlling the situation, so you decide how you are going to swing. And, if you have a problem with your partner, then let him know about it first, before deciding to stray from the swinging path.

It totally depends on your mood swings that you are going to end up with satisfying sex. You may want to try the other direction, but if you are just too emotionally attached to your current partner, then it is probably not a good idea. It will cause problems with the sex. You just need to make sure that you are mature enough to handle your feelings, before you get emotional over your partner.

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